Mario Kart Vs Mole Kart: A Comparison

There has been a lot of talk across the gaming community as to whether there is still a place for dedicated handheld games consoles following the increasing use of smartphones and tablets as games machines.

I’ve always felt that a games console will provide the best games so with the recent release of Mole Kart (A Mario Kart clone) on the App Store I thought I’d use the opportunity to compare the two games and use cold hard numbers to see which was the better value for money.

If you’ve not seen Mole Kart in action, watch the trailer below and you might recognise a few of the tracks…

So Mole Kart has cloned some of Mario Kart’s tracks, right down the big phallic rock in Peach Beach (Frege Port). Ignoring the fact that Mario Kart 7 on the Nintendo 3DS is infinitely more fun, playable and polished, let’s now look at the numbers:

The console price for Mole Kart is for an iPad 2.

* The Game Price of Mole Kart includes all purchasable characters and tracks.

** Vehicle Options only includes base karts, not the additional wheels and gliders.

The main argument I’ve heard for smartphone/tablet games being a risk to the dedicated handheld consoles is the cost of games. This is a fair point but as with anything, you get what you pay for. As shown in the chart above, Mole Kart costs a quarter of what Mario Kart 7 does, but you get far less for your money. If you want a game that will last you a weekend it’s fine, but any longer and you’ll quickly tire of the lack of variety and available game modes.

In my opinion, if you want to buy a device for playing games on the go, you should invest in a Nintendo 3DS or Playstation Vita. And I think the figures back this up.

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5 Responses to Mario Kart Vs Mole Kart: A Comparison

  1. I’m surprised that you didn’t say that “you’ll quickly tyre”. 🙂

  2. develion says:

    There is a place for dedicated handheld consoles but it is a much smaller place than years gone by. I agree that for quality of games you definitely want a handheld, however increasingly so people already have a smartphone, which of course removes the price barrier. For the casual market a smartphone will provide everything you want to just pick up a game and play a game whilst on the bus. This is on top of all the other functionality a phone brings.

    As such many people who may have looked to a handheld to provide entertainment on their daily train / bus journey are quite happy with a smartphone. Might not be the better piece of kit, but you can pick up games for free / cheap and everyone usually has their phone with them.

    • Adam says:

      All very good, and true, points but the purpose of this post was to answer the question of whether or not you should buy a smartphone/tablet specifically to play games. Which the answer is no. No you should not.
      Maybe a smartphone wasn’t the best example, but you shouldn’t be buying a tablet or iTouch to primarily play games.

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