Google+ Hangout= Amazing Social Games?

After getting an invite to Google+ yesterday and playing around with the service my games design brain started buzzing with possibilities.

The most exciting thing for me in terms of game design potential within Google+ is the Hangout. The Google+ Hangout allows up to ten people to video chat and currently there is an in-built function that allows all participants to watch the same YouTube video.

Now, imagine that instead of watching a YouTube video you’re all playing the same game. A real-time strategy for example.

For those of you thinking “but Facebook has just announced that they’re adding Skype video chat!” Let me explain why Hangout is better. While one person begins a Hangout, anyone who is invited has the ability to invite others. Each individual Hangout also has a unique URL, meaning it can be shared across social networks or e-mail. Facebook is heavily restricted in that only your friends can play with or against you but on Google+ you can choose to play with relative strangers and friends of friends.

The circles feature also has a part to play in this. If you only want to play with a select group of friends you can post the Hangout link to your close friends circle or even create a specific circle for ‘wicked awesome Hangout game chums’.

We already know that Google+ will incorporate games at some point, let’s just hope that they read this post and get as excited by the prospect as I am getting!

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