Four Ways to Utilise the Wii U Controller

If there’s one thing Nintendo do better than anyone else, it’s provide game developers with exciting new ways to create and play games using nothing but controller innovation, from the N64’s rumble pak to the Wii’s motion controls.

Earlier today Nintendo revealed their new console, the Wii U, and all the attention was on the new controller. (Perhaps a bit of focus on the console wouldn’t have hurt though Nintendo, I’m still seeing people asking if it’s just a new controller for the Wii. Hell, I was one of those asking!)

If you aren’t aware of the new features, check out the video below, featuring a parrot who sings the Mario theme:

So now comes the crux of this post, four ways to utilise the Wii U controller.

1. The Driving Game

I’m starting obvious here, you’ve got the cockpit view of an F1 car on your TV but in your hands is the steering wheel.

I know this has been done with the Wii already but not to the level of detail now available with the Wii U. Those familiar with the sport of F1 will know that there are a phenomenal amount of controls on the steering wheel. With the new touch screen controller you’ll be able to adjust the front wing, engage the pit lane speed limiter and alter your tyre pressures all mid-race without having to hit the ‘pause’ button.

2. The Real Time Strategy

I’m not a massive fan of RTS games, I just can’t seem to keep track of my various units as they span a vast continent. This could all be about to change if the main game is on the TV screen while I’m given a tactical overview on my Wii U controller. A quick glance down and I can see that I’m being overrun to the east while I’m busy micro-managing my troops in the west. A simple tap on the controller and I’m transported to my floundering troops in time for a tactical retreat!

3. The RPG

RPG’s are complicated. There are often dozens of menus, multiple combinations of weapons, potions and magic and reams of stats.

The Wii U controller could provide a dedicated area for this to manage as you go. Very often I don’t enter the pause menu to manage my stats until I’ve been playing for a few hours each sitting. With a designated screen for this I’d be more inclined to keep on top of my levels.

4. The First Person Shooter

Simple this one. Rather than press a button to zoom in with your sniper rifle, simply lift the controller in front of the screen and use the 6.2 inch screen as your sight. Lower the controller again to zoom out.

These are just the first four examples that popped into my head. I’ve not even touched on the multiplayer capabilities but maybe I’ll leave that for another post, this one is already quite long.

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