One Year Retrospective

In a change to the traditional design-based update, I’m writing today about my first year as a fully-fledged games industry employee.

My first year has been eventful to say the least. On 12th May 2010 I travelled 375 miles from my home in Warwickshire to Dundee for a face-to-face interview with Realtime Worlds. I was applying for a job as QA tester for the ill-fated APB: All Points Bulletin. The interview went fairly smoothly and I was confident that I had done as much as I could, I didn’t have to wait long before I got a call from RTW offering me the job and I started on the 20th.

All Points Bulletin turned out to be one of the biggest disasters in the history of the industry. With millions of pounds worth of investment and a long, drawn-out development cycle, APB would have needed significantly more subscribers than they were ever likely to get to make ends meet. As a result, redundancies swept the studio on 17th August.

So that was it, just months after finally getting my foot in the door of the games industry the door was slammed firmly back in my face.

A few months of uncertainty followed, during which time I began working with a group of fellow former QA testers on our own project, +AsDesigned Games. (For a detailed account of +AsDesigned Games, check out our guest editorial on

At the end of 2010 I applied for a job as Social Media Guru at a start-up social games company in Birmingham, Soshi Games. I started in January… as Lead Designer.

Since January 2011 I have been working on an exciting new Facebook game called Music Festivals which is due for release within six weeks of you reading this.

It’s been a crazy twelve months. I got my first industry job and was made redundant within months, I’ve co-founded an independent start-up company and landed the role of Lead Designer at an exciting new studio, a position I imagined would take me years to attain.

You can register your interest for my design debut, Music Festivals, here and receive a bonus when the game launches this summer.

Normal design-related blog posts will resume next week 😉

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Games designer, Newcastle fan and prolific tea drinker
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