First Play and Viral Hooks

Recently at Soshi I’ve been researching viral hooks within the first play of five of the top games on Facebook (Cityville, Deep Realms, Happy Island, Monopoly Millionaires and Monster World). So rather than keep this information to myself I thought I’d share it with anyone interested.

Starting from installing the game, I timed how long it took until I ran out of money, energy or whatever else it was that determined play time. I also recorded how often I was prompted to share news with my friends and the method in which I was asked to do so.

I felt it was important to do as much as I possibly could within each game to make the best use of my time. This meant doing things such as the bare minimum to complete missions so that I could level up and therefore replenish my energy etc. faster.

The results revealed that there are an average of thirteen share requests over a thirty minute period for these five games, with Zynga’s Cityville coming in with the highest figures of twenty four requests in the first twenty five minutes of play, using five different methods.

I would like to point out that the vast majority of all the requests across the games tested were integrated within regular messages as opposed to intrusive pop-ups, though there were some instances of this.

The graphs below show my findings in greater detail (MAU and DAU recorded on 1st April 2011)

CityVille | Zynga | MAU: 89,683,784 | DAU 20,514,660 | 25 Minutes until energy ran out

Deep Realms | Playdom | MAU: 53,712 | DAU: 20,391 (less than one month since launch) | 50 minutes until energy and courage ran out

Happy Island |CrowdStar | MAU: 2,683,743 | DAU: 333,414 | 25 minutes until money ran out

Monopoly Millionaires | Electronic Arts | MAU: 5,774,507 | DAU: 763,820 | 30 minutes until out of rolls

Monster World | Wooga | MAU: 6,711,282 | DAU: 1,201,404 | 20 minutes until having to wait for crops to grow

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