Game Design Interview

On Tuesday 1st March, a group of students from Coventry University came to Birmingham Science Park, Aston to interview me about being a games designer. This was the third time that we had tried to make the film but due to equipment issues the previous two attempts had had to be called off.

I’m not a confident speaker by any means so deciding to do the interview felt a bit strange! I’m the same way in games design I suppose as I generally try to work in areas that I haven’t worked in before. Working at Realtime Worlds as a QA Tester is evidence of this as I never play MMO’s or PC games but I managed to bluff my way through the interview process!

The initial list of questions was about twenty strong but in the end we only filmed nine or ten, a couple of these answers were cut in order to get the film down to three minutes but I’m really pleased with the final result and how it flows.

I’d like to take this opportunity to once again thank Matt Burns and his team for helping me take my first step towards being a future GDC keynote speaker!

About Adam

Games designer, Newcastle fan and prolific tea drinker
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2 Responses to Game Design Interview

  1. Iain Russell says:

    I laughed on your walk down the corridor, you’ll always be even more lanky than me!

    Good interview bro, I expect to see you at E3 in the summer…

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